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What is PHISHING?  Is it a real problem?
Phishing is a huge problem!  If you are lured in, you may unknowingly provide thieves with credit card, bank, and password information.   So, you definitely want to be aware of this threat.

Here is an example of how phishing might lure you in.  You get what seems to be an email from Amazon stating that your credit card payment for a recent purchase has not been completed successfully.  The email provides a link, that you faithfully follow to a website that prompts you to enter your Amazon password, along with your credit card information.  You willingly offer up this information, thinking that you are simply correcting a problem with a recent transaction. may have been victimized!  The email that you received may have been fraudulent.  It may have provided a false link that takes you to a fake website that is designed to look just like Amazon's website.  The personal information that you just typed in has been provided to thieves.

What should you do to avoid phishing?  Do not typically follow links within emails to sites that prompt you for sensitive information.  In the preceding example, rather than following the email link, login to Amazon directly by going to  Login to your account, and check whether that recent purchase actually does have a billing problem.

My general advice would be to always err on the side of caution.
Beware of Phishing!

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