Computers - And Now Windows 10 !!!
Windows 10 was officially released in late July of 2015.  I actually really like Windows 8.1 (I seem to be in a minority on this one!), but I eagerly immersed myself in this new version. I upgraded my Windows 8.1 laptop, which took a good couple of hours, but went smoothly. I also just purchased a Toshiba 2 in 1 laptop with Windows 10. I am enjoying the new features and improvements that have been incorporated into Windows 10.

In Windows 8, Microsoft attempted to bring together two worlds … current Windows based PCs and touch screen devices … offering two distinct User Interfaces (the Desktop and the Start Screen). Windows 10 takes steps to bring these two worlds back into a unified user interface. The Start Menu is back and improved. Multiple desktops are supported. The Charms from Windows 8 are gone. There is a new Notification Center, reminiscent of the notifications on phones and tablets. Windows 10 also includes new features, such as “Cortana” (a digital personal assistant) and a brand new browser, replacing Internet Explorer with “Edge”. And so on.

So, should you upgrade to Windows 10?  The decision of whether to upgrade has its pros and cons, so there is not a clear "yes" or "no" answer. If you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC, your computer will probably support Windows 10, but if you have an older PC, it may not. You should carefully check your computer’s specs before you decide to upgrade. Compatibility with your existing software and other hardware of course also needs to be considered. As I mentioned, I am enjoying Windows 10, and think it is likely to be a very successful version of the operating system, but it may be worth waiting a little while until Microsoft resolves some of its possible problems (as with any new Operating System).
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Windows 10 Start Menu
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